Juggi Ramakrishnan

Foundation for Poverty Alleviation: WITNESS THE CHANGE


Foundation for Poverty Alleviation: WITNESS THE CHANGE

Something told us that if people could see where their donation was going, they would be more likely to donate. After that blinding flash of the obvious, we quickly got to work and made clothing donation boxes that showed destitute kids wearing the donated clothes right away. Of course, it was only a comforting illusion. There was just no logistical way to get those donated clothes to the exact same kids on the box covers. But my point is that our instincts were spot on, and so lots of needy kids received warm clothes that winter. 

2014 Cannes Lion winner. 

Agency: Ogilvy Beijing / CCO: Graham Fink / ECD: Juggi Ramakrishnan / Creative Directors: Wilson Chow, Jiankai Lu/ Writers: Lianhui Hao, Juggi Ramakrishnan / Art Directors: Chenghao Xie, Morris Ku, Soon Guan Poh/ Photographers: Xiaohang Liu, Jian Miao / Producer: Tim Zhang