Juggi Ramakrishnan


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Recycling everyday objects used to be a natural part of Asian culture. But that was a different era, when people had to make do with very little, and were forced to be resourceful. With the rise of middle class income and the abundance of cheap plastic, those habits of hacking crates, boxes, tins and cans have disappeared. The aim of this project was to coax those habits back and make them cool again. 

2014 Campaign. Awarded at Clio, One Show and Spikes Asia. Shortlisted in Cannes. 

Agency: Ogilvy Beijing / CCO: Graham Fink / ECD: Juggi Ramakrishnan / Creative Directors: Wilson Chow, Jiankai Lu/ Writers: Juggi Ramakrishnan / Art Directors: Chenghao Xie / Design: Soonguan Poh/ Camera and Editing: Morris Ku / Creative Support: Tracy Wu/ Film Director: Andrew Piggott/ Agency Producers: Lin Ma, Jeff Wong/ Client Service: Martin Murphy, Cory Turner, Andrea Tan, Ellen Soh, Uma Wang /Client: Leonardo O'Grady/ PR: Wendy Fung