Juggi Ramakrishnan

IKEA Privacy at Home: KINGS & QUEENS


IKEA Privacy at Home: KINGS & QUEENS

Privacy is a basic human need that seems hard to find in today's world, thanks to rapid urbanization and population growth (and here I have to point out that your own unwise decision to procreate isn't really helping). That's why IKEA designs products that people living in shared homes can use to mark out their own private territories —spaces where kids can escape to, to pursue their own interests; or rooms where parents can pause and breathe and quietly regret their life choices. 

2020 Film. Awarded at Dubai Lynx and Loeries. 

Agency: Ogilvy Dubai / CCO: Juggi Ramakrishnan / Group CD: Youssef Gadallah / Writers: Juggi Ramakrishnan, Fernando Montero, Maya ElKai / Art Directors: Youssef Gadallah, Nicolás López / Producer: Amin Soltani / Director: Virgil Ferragut / Production House: Bigfoot / EP: Aly Seif El-Nasr / Client Service: Hadi Ballout, Preeti Hothi, Alaa Nour / Clients: Carla Klumpenaar, Amr Yaghi, Noha Gheith